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What does a todo list online


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What does a todo list online

Keeps track of thoughts, activities and commitments.

If you do not have a good memory is an indispensable tool to remember everything quietly.

Make an appointment.

Woe to those who forget an appointment or arrive late. You lose face and money.

Assign a priority to a task.

E 'often impossible to carry out tasks at once, so it is necessary to organize and decide what to do before and after which based on many factors, which may vary over time.

It works as a checklist.

The checklist is the only way not to forget something at a particular event

Copy and paste information.

Often there are small pieces of information that is important to store somewhere, telephone numbers, email, photos, phrases, etc to remember. All this often linked to an activity to be carried out carefully.

Save everything that comes to mind.

The brain storming or bulb that comes on suddenly in your brain often can not find a way to be remembered at a later time. They lose themselves a mountain of bright ideas that enrich your personality.

Fixed the urgency of a task.

Place over time an activity is critical because the time is both precious little. Time is money and life. Manage the best is crucial.

Todo list is available online anywhere.

The cloud is the true revolution of the working day.

Connect with the cloud gets rid of the concept of distance and the concept of physical location. Allows activities that were simply unimaginable.


Manages team collaboration, assigning tasks sharing projects.

Delegate tasks and projects.

Keeps a historical record of the activities.

Detects alarms.

Improve time management.

Organize project activities

Report the elapsed and remaining time.

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