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  • Devotes every morning about ten minutes to view and update the TODO list.

  • Copy / paste the information from e-mail attachments and web pages of note in the list, such as directions, confirmation codes, product specifications, and other details that would be too boring to record extended.

  • Use tags to categorize in a free but effective your information.

  • The categories used to split information in homogeneous areas that would otherwise be dispersed. The categorization of thought is one of the most noble man.

  • Hierarchies. Instead of having more than simple lists, you might prefer to organize their work in a list of projects, with the various tasks that compose them indented under them in a tree format.

  • Priority settings. The assignment of priority codes to order some items higher in the list than others can be extremely useful when you want to take a look at your list, rather than linear scan of the whole. Whatever you do for a living, you might want to create two priority assignments to capture business and personal lives in different visual blocks within the same list.

  • Add notes in certain fields. A field to write or paste notes in an annex containing the voice business has a lot of uses. You can write your shopping list under "shopping list" on your todo starplan online. You can write a program of discussion items labeled "Talk to the boss", so that you can deal with different topics in one visit. You can draw up a list of considerations within a task entry, or a list of milestones with a voice project.

  • Expiration dates. You can choose to use the calendar to store dates, but they have in both places can not hurt, and certainly homework help prioritize.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Web 2.0 operators are increasingly supporting keyboard shortcuts for adding and editing items. If you are a fluent typist, you already know how the mouse can break your momentum, and you probably realize by now that the streamlining of data entry is well worth the short learning curve of new store a few keys.

  • Synchronization device. This may be an option for some, but for me, the need to synchronize my task lists in line with my phone was not negotiable.
    The key to the successful use of a list of things to do is not the list itself, or how it is organized and managed, but the habit of using it, and adding notes. The people who make lists sparingly and only when they are almost completely submerged tend to do a good job of writing their own lists and working with the todo list - and are generally very productive during the time that they are working with their the list.

  • The use  todolist as a central repository for all activities, thoughts, and plans necessary to achieve in life. Recording random thoughts for later evaluation.


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